Gutters: The Unsung Heroes of Your Home

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When you think about the important features of a home and its structural integrity, many of us will site the foundation or the strength of the walls and roof. While these features are indeed crucial to a strong property, another feature that doesn’t get enough recognition is also crucial to protecting your home: your gutters!

we take our gutters seriously

Gutters are easily one of the most important features of your home, but they are also a feature that is widely ignored. The problems caused by improper or broken gutters, however, are ones that will not let themselves be ignored! Because the main purpose of gutters is to shuttle rainwater away from your home, without them you can actually start to see damages that will affect the integrity of your foundation. Homes are built with a slight slope in the landscaping and the gutter design so that water flows away from the foundation. With water directed at the foundation, you end up with pooling water that can push your foundation inwards, cause leaks, and even cracks. These serious issues will cause serious damages and will be far more expensive than if you were to pay close attention to your gutters!

Other issues besides foundational ones that can be caused by malfunctioning gutters include a leaking roof from pooling water, mold and leaks in the soffits, and other water damages throughout the property. Here at Integrity Homes & Construction Inc., we take our gutters seriously because of the way they protect the rest of the home. To learn more about how gutters can protect your home, how to maintain them or what to do when you see a problem, give us a call today!