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Window ReplacementWhile there are a number of home improvements that are far more exciting and that will leave you feeling more gratified, doing a whole-house window replacement as your next improvement can yield a number of benefits as well. How much you can gain from window replacement will depend on what type of windows you have now. If you have a very old home with wood windows, you will enjoy more benefits than you might imagine. However, even older vinyl windows can be replaced with more energy efficient options.

Increased energy efficiency is the primary goal for doing a whole-house window replacement. While this is a big reason to proceed, it is not the only benefit you can enjoy. For example, if you find that cleaning the outside of your windows is something that you do not enjoy, you will be happy to know that with the tilt-in feature available on many new window replacement styles, you easily clean the windows from inside the house.

Speaking of cleaning, if you like blinds as window coverings, but get annoyed that they need dusting all the time, you’ll love dual-paned windows with an integrated blinds between the glass panes. This is also an ideal option if you have pets and children that are pretty rough on your window treatments.

If you would like to know more about window replacement, including the many styles and features available on windows today, give us a call at Integrity Homes & Construction Inc. We will be happy to go over your options for window replacement and give you a quote, whether that is for the entire house or just one or two windows.