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Roofing Installation, Lakeland, FL

We are skilled and experienced with roofing installation projects of all types and sizes in Lakeland, FL.

Roofing InstallationRoofing Installation in Lakeland – The process of roofing installation requires careful precision to make sure the home or office is protected. It isn’t a job that should be attempted by a novice, since it requires heavy labor and being up on top of the building, which can be dangerous. At Integrity Homes & Construction Inc., we offer roofing installation services in and around Lakeland, Florida. Our team has been working in Polk County for 20 years, and we are skilled and experienced with roofing installation projects of all types and sizes.

If you are having your roof replaced, the first step of the job is to remove the old materials. When we remove shingles from your roof, we will also remove or flatten the nails left behind, since any sharp objects can poke holes in the new shingles. Our team also uses protective equipment to keep your landscaping from materials that fall during the removal process. After we finish tearing out the old roof, we will make sure to package all remaining materials to take them with us, which means you don’t have to deal with a full garbage can after every step of the job.

The next step in roof installation is to place the new shingles, tiles, or any other materials we are using to create your perfect roof. Our expert installers also install all layers of waterproofing and underlayment beneath the roof covering, which helps improve energy efficiency in your home. When we finish the job, you will have a brand new and beautiful roof that adds a lot of value to your property.


Integrity Homes & Construction Inc. offers professional roofing installation services to clients in Lakeland, Davenport, Haines CitySebring, Groveland, Auburndale, Bartow, Winter Haven, Plant City and all of Polk County, Florida!