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Let us help protect your whole home.

When caring for and protecting your Auburndale, Florida home, a few parts might go unnoticed that are essential for the structure and overall appearance. Yes, we are talking about soffit & fascia, two critical components that may not seem important at first glance. However, they are essential to the general health of your home. At Integrity Homes & Construction Inc., we can help you with your soffit & fascia, as well as many other parts of your home.

Soffit & Fascia in Auburndale, Florida

The soffit is the bottom part of the roof’s overhang. It connects the outside wall to the top. It is usually vented so that air can move through it. Our team can ensure you have the proper ventilation to keep the temperature and humidity in your attic and roof space comfortable. Soffit vents let fresh air in and push hot, muggy air out. This stops condensation, helps your roof last longer, and helps minimize shingle wear. Soffits also protect against insects and small animals that might enter your home. We can assess the screens or nets on your soffits to ensure they are in good shape.

The fascia is the vertical band along the roof’s bottom edge. The gutters are usually attached to the fascia, providing a stable place to connect. Since gutters are needed to keep rainwater away from your home’s floor and stop erosion, water damage, and flooding in the basement, the stability of fascia is critical. Like soffit, fascia adds to the look of your home, matching your exterior and providing a stylish finish.

Soffit & fascia help make your home healthier, last longer, and look better. By knowing what soffit & fascia are and what they do, you can make smart decisions about how to take care of them, protecting your investment and making your Auburndale home more comfortable and attractive. Contact our team today to see how we can help you with your soffit & fascia, as well as the other parts of your home.

At Integrity Homes & Construction Inc., we offer soffit & fascia services in Lakeland, Davenport, Sebring, Groveland, Auburndale, Winter Haven, Plant City, Haines City, Bartow, Dade City, Brooksville, Homosassa, Citrus County, and Polk County, Florida.