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Kitchen Renovations in Lakeland, FloridaSometimes, all you need is the smallest renovation to make you love your home all over again. Bathroom renovations could be just that for you; it’s a small space, it won’t interrupt daily living while renovating, you can keep your budget minimal, and you can be enchanted with the end result.

If you’re considering bathroom renovations, here are some of the best ways that you can save.

  • Be well prepared and have a solid plan for how you want the bathroom to look when it’s finished. The more details you have mapped out before starting, the less money you’ll spend.
  • Make sure to look around at a variety of different fixtures, tile, counter tops, etc. until you find the ones you love for the right price.
  • Accessorize your bathroom mirror with sconces — they make such a statement, but can cost less than other light fixtures.
  • Add small details like fancy towels, flowers, wall décor, etc.
  • Paint the walls. Either freshen them up with a new coat or change the color altogether.
  • Frame your mirror or buy a framed mirror to replace the current one.
  • Instead of getting a new toilet, just buy a new seat and lid.

With years of experience, we are equipped to help you create your vision of a custom home one small renovation at a time and within your budget. Bathroom renovations are a great starting point. They can help you to really determine the style and aesthetic that is most pleasing to you and set the tone for future renovations. Contact us today for more information!