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Choosing the Right Roofing Option for Your Home

Those of us here at Integrity Homes & Construction Inc. understand that choosing a new roof can be a daunting task. To help you make the best choice for your roofing needs, here is a short overview of the basics of four popular roofing options:

  • Shingle Roofing – Shingles are the most popular roofing option due to their affordable cost in both material and installation. Many varieties of shingles are available, giving you a number of options to meet your home’s needs and budget. Longevity of a shingle roof can also vary anywhere from 15 to as many as 50 years with proper care. Whether your home needs a new roof or you wish to extend the life of your existing one, we are happy to help you get the best performance from your shingles.
  • Metal Roofing– Metal roofing is more durable than traditional shingles, with a projected lifespan of 30 to 50 years. Metal is also considered a “cool” roof material because its light color prevents solar heat gain. Although metal roofing is growing in popularity, few contractors offer this option due lack of experience with its installation. At Integrity Homes & Construction Inc., we are proud to offer our expertise in fitting your home with this attractive new roofing option.
  • Single-Ply Roofing– Single-ply is a roofing option designed to be installed in one layer, which saves time in the installation process. Its resistance to UV radiation is superior to other roofing materials, and it is proven to have excellent performance under extreme or changeable weather, making it a fitting choice for the Florida storm season. Single-ply roofing also has excellent reflection properties, which will help keep your home cool in the summer sun. This is an excellent choice if you need a quick installation, but it will need to be replaced more frequently.

Tile Roofing– As a Florida resident, you are probably familiar with clay tile roofs. What you may not know is that these handsome Spanish tiles are among the most durable roofing options, with a lifespan that can extend over 100 years. Tile roofing is impervious to rot or insect damage and is also resistant to extreme weather and temperature conditions like hail or fire. On the other hand, tile roofing is much heavier than traditional shingles and may not be suitable for all roof structures. Consult with one of our specialists at Integrity Homes & Construction Inc. to determine whether a tile roof is right for your home.