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Custom-Built Homes: Are They Just For the Rich and Famous?

We have all seen them– those large neighborhoods with identical, albeit beautiful, homes. There isn’t anything wrong with them; they just seem to lack individuality. In today’s housing market, it can sometimes be difficult to find a house that stands out and has character and charm. Even though there are a lot of options when building a home, most people assume that they have to pick a preset floor plan and live with something that looks like every other home in the area. This simply isn’t true. Custom-built homes are an affordable and fun option. It doesn’t have to be a multi-million dollar home to be custom-built.

A common misconception about custom-built homes is that they are high-priced, lavishly built homes reserved for only those willing to spend millions. However, at Integrity Homes & Construction Inc., we can find affordable options for a home that is custom to your individual desires.

The process of building a custom home may seem daunting to you, but we are here to help. We take the stress out of every step and really take the time to listen to your specific needs and wants. We firmly believe you should not have to settle for something that is just adequate when you have a spectacular dream house bouncing around in your head.

At Integrity Homes & Construction Inc., we have 20+ years experience in designing and building custom homes in the Lakeland, Florida area. From the beginning stages of design to the end of construction, we are here to help your dream of a custom-built home become a reality. So if you are tired of lookalike homes and you don’t want to settle for anything less than your dream house, don’t hesitate to call us. Let’s make that dream a reality together.