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RoofingWhile the rest of the country pretty much believes that Central Florida is nothing but sunshine, those of us who live here know that severe weather can, and does, happen, as well. In fact, lately we’ve experienced some pretty intense thunderstorms and even some very damaging tornadoes in Florida. If you haven’t checked out your roofing lately, it is probably a good idea to do so. Severe weather can cause damage to your roofing that may go unnoticed and lead to water damage.

In addition to avoiding water damage, another reason to have your roofing inspected after severe weather is because you have a certain window of time to place a claim with your insurance company if your home has suffered roofing damage. If you wait too long after a storm, they may decline to pay because there is no proof that your roofing isn’t just showing signs of age.

The most challenging part is being able to tell if your roofing has been damaged. It can be damaged yet not look like it from the ground. Just because you don’t have roofing shingles littering your yard doesn’t mean they haven’t been loosened, creating holes for water to gain access to the roof underneath. Only a professional roofing inspector will be able to spot this type of minor, yet undesirable, damage to your roofing.

An inspection each year, particularly after severe weather, is highly recommended. At Integrity Homes & Construction Inc. in Lakeland, FL, we perform roof inspections and are experienced to handle any residential, commercial or industrial roofing task. If you need an inspection, roofing repair or even taking care of the soffit or fascia that became damaged, give us a call.