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Kitchen Renovations in Lakeland, FloridaKitchens are the most used room in a home. With that in mind, maybe it’s time to consider kitchen renovations, and the ways that your kitchen could serve you so much better than it may be in its current state. Most importantly, if you’re going to spend the resources to make sure your kitchen renovations have a high impact, here are some ideas for how to make that happen:

  • If you have a galley kitchen consider removing a wall to open up the space.
  • Create more workable counter space, storage, and more built-in seating by installing a floating island and bar.
  • Consider adding a dishwasher. Having two can make your life so much easier.
  • Improve lighting and ambience by adding task lights to the space just above your counters, under the cabinets.
  • Re-paint or have new cabinets installed.
  • Add baseboard drawers for more storage space, below your cabinets.
  • Get creative with hidden storage or pull-out-from-the-counter cutting boards.
  • Install a garbage shoot that opens on top of the counter and connects to the outdoor garbage can.
  • Have a new countertop installed with tile backsplash that accentuates the counters.

We are here to help you design and create the kitchen that will be best for you and your family. There are so many amazing ideas to make your kitchen the fully functioning, beautifully styled kitchen you’ve always hoped for. Let us help you with your kitchen renovations and we’ll create just what you need and want.