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New RoofNothing lasts forever, and eventually most things need to be replaced, but sometimes it is difficult to decide when something can and should be repaired at least one more time before throwing in the towel. The roof of your home falls under the category of being able to be repaired rather than replaced more often than you might think, but even with roofs, there comes a time when the best recourse is to replace it. The trick is knowing when to repair and when to replace. Here are a few tips for solving this dilemma.

  • Watch the Neighborhood: Most homes in a single neighborhood are built all at the same time, so if you see one after another of your neighbors having a new roof put on, it’s a pretty good guess that it is nearing the time when you should consider doing the same. Not only is your roof the same age as theirs, but it has also lived through nearly identical conditions in terms of weather and other contributing factors. It may even have been installed by the same roofers, using the same materials. Obviously, you’ll need to take into consideration whether your neighbors have taken care of maintenance issues with the same diligence as you have, but overall, you can use the results around you as a clue.
  • Consider the Material: There are plenty of statistics to tell you how long a particular roofing material is expected to last. If your roof is nearing the end of this life expectancy, then putting money into more repairs will likely not gain you much in terms of putting off a new roof. If the repair is somewhat costly, it is not a wise option. A roofing company with integrity will be able to give you a repair vs. replacement assessment to tell you whether a repair job is worth it.

At Integrity Homes & Construction Inc., we are happy to inspect your home’s roof and give you our professional assessment regarding whether you need a new roof or if it can wait a few more years. Even if you’ve already been told you need a new roof, give us a call for a second opinion, one that stands up to our name: Integrity. We’ll never tell you that a new roof is in order when it simply isn’t time. We give you the facts, so you can make an educated decision about where to put your home improvement dollars.