How to Know When to Schedule Roof Inspections

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Our team at Integrity Homes & Construction Inc. understands that most people do not think about their roofs very often. Roofs for commercial and residential properties alike are supposed to be durable and resilient, so many folks assume that they do not need to regularly maintain them. However, this simply is not the case.

How to Know When to Schedule Roof Inspections

Scheduling regular roofing maintenance is an easy, cost-effective way to extend the lifespan of your roof, prevent costly repairs, and keep your interior protected. A key component of roofing maintenance includes scheduling roof inspections.

It is typically recommended to schedule roof inspections once per year to ensure that your roof is intact, free of any major defects, and sturdy enough to reliably protect your home or business. Scheduling roof inspections is a standard part of most preventative maintenance plans, and you can always count on our skilled roofers to provide these inspections for you.

In addition to scheduling regular roof inspections for your property, you may want to consider getting a roof inspection in these scenarios:

  • Severe weather damages your roof – If you notice that shingles are missing after a severe storm or find water damage inside your home, getting a roof inspection sooner rather than later can help you get your house back into proper condition.
  • You are buying or selling the property – Getting a roof inspection before listing your home can show prospective buyers that you are being transparent about the property’s condition. If you are a buyer, we recommend scheduling a roof inspection to make sure that you will not need to pay for a roof replacement in the near future.
  • You want to install solar panels – Before installing solar panels, satellite dishes, or any other type of equipment on your roof, it is a good idea to get a roofing inspection first. An experienced roofing inspector will let you know if it is safe to install these items or if your roof requires some repairs first.