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New RoofBuilding a new home can be pretty exciting — especially when you see the blueprints begin to take shape. In fact, adding the roof can be one of the best moments because it means that the structure of your home is almost complete. But what exactly are the key components of your new roof, and what do you need to do to make sure it functions its best from year-to-year? Here are a few things you should consider and expect when your new roof is complete:

  • As your new roof goes up, you’re going to see the support beams that make up the bones of your roof. This is what holds your new roof over your head and allows the other parts or your home to remain protected from the elements.
  • Once the structure of your new roof is complete, it will be time to add shingles and other roofing materials that give your home a polished finish. You may have chosen to stick with shingles or you might have chosen a different roofing material – either way, this is what will give your new roof and your home some of the character you imagined.
  • Another important component of your new roof is the insulation. While this goes on the inside of your home, it’s important that you choose the insulation that most accurately reflects your needs and provides the home energy efficiency and comfort you desire. Without insulation, your home wouldn’t be complete.

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