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lanaiThe weather in Florida has been a draw for many over the years seeking a warmer and more temperate climate than the majority of the United States. Creating living spaces that embrace the outdoors is an integral part of living in such a warm and wonderful place. A lanai can be a wonderful outdoor living space, as the architectural idea originally from the Hawaiian Islands is well suited to the climate and lifestyle here in Florida.

A lanai is an excellent way to increase the outdoor living space of your home. Because a lanai is open on the sides, the roof takes the weather from both top and bottom. This can lead to certain specific issues over time, causing the lanai roof to leak or experience other issues with stability and its ability to handle various weather events. Because of the possibility of heavy storm activity and hurricanes, it’s important to take care of your lanai space as much as your home in order to best enjoy your investment for many years to come.

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