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Local RooferWhen your home needs roof repairs or replacement, you can choose a local roofer or go with a national company. While there are a few benefits of a national company, there are a multitude of reasons why hiring a local roofer may be in your best interest overall.

A national firm will sometimes have a longer warranty than a local roofer, but when you try to put in a claim, you’ll find them less-than-personable to deal with in most cases. Consider also that a longer warranty does not mean better materials or workmanship. Often it is just a selling gimmick to gain your trust. With a local roofer, you’ll get a reasonable warranty on workmanship and the same manufacturer’s warranty on the materials. And, should you have a problem, your local roofer will be on the job to fix it right away, as they have a reputation in the community to uphold. Furthermore, a badly installed roof will be apparent pretty quickly, so a longer warranty really isn’t necessary.

A local roofer doesn’t just work in your area– they also live there. They have an interest in the needs of your community and usually give back to it. Your money stays in the community, as well, which helps it stay economically strong. They have employees in the area, so you are helping keep labor strong, as well. That isn’t always the case with national firms.

The knowledge and experience of a local roofer are specific to the climate in which they work. That means they know which products work best and what techniques are the most effective. They are also knowledgeable about local ordinances and the permitting process, so they won’t get you in trouble by making a mistake that affects you as the homeowner.

When you need a local roofer in the Lakeland, FL area, call on us at Integrity Homes & Construction Inc. You’ll get a personal touch you won’t get with a national firm. We are a local business with owners who are active in the day-to-day operations to share 20+ years of experience keeping our community flourishing.