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Screen Rooms: Turning Your Porch into Inviting Living Space

As a Florida homeowner, it’s likely that your home has a front porch or a patio. These features are popular in Florida home design because they allow residents to expand their living space outdoors. However, even if your home has an outdoor space already, it’s possible that you may not be getting the best use out of it. Maybe the heat keeps you indoors even on ideal summer evenings, or maybe every time you sit on your patio, you get eaten by mosquitoes. If you would like to get more use out of your home’s outdoor spaces, you may want to consult us at Integrity Homes & Construction Inc. about transforming your porch or patio into a screen room.

Screen rooms offer the benefits of both indoor and outdoor living.  A patio or open porch is exposed to the elements directly, which renders them unusable in rainy or very hot conditions. Adding a roof for a screen room gives you shelter from the rain and provides shade from the hot summer sun. Even if your porch already has a roof, adding screen walls will further reduce the glare of direct sunlight and will provide more rain protection to you and your property.

Unlike an open outdoor space, a screen room offers protection from insects such as mosquitoes. Not only are insect bites annoying or even painful, but they can also be vectors for disease. Time spent in sunlight or in natural settings has been linked to positive health outcomes, including reduced stress, improved mood, and higher vitamin D production.  In a screen room, you get the chance to enjoy the mood-boosting properties of nature without the risk of insects bringing you down. Come see us at Integrity Homes & Construction Inc. to plan your screen room today!