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New Home Construction

If you are finishing the financial aspects of getting a new home, you may be in the process of deciding between new home construction and an existing home. If you think that new home construction is only for the ultra-wealthy, you would be wrong. It can be more affordable in the long run, particularly when you consider all the costs of home ownership over your lifetime. If you can wait while your new home construction takes place, you should know there are many great reasons to go this route.

When you are looking at existing homes, you may find that you are stuck paying for features or square footage that really don’t mean that much to you. You might love the location, the style, and everything else, but hate the fact that you will be paying extra for a pool or a fourth bedroom you don’t really want. It isn’t just about paying more for the house because of those things either. You’ll be paying for insurance, taxes, and upkeep on those features, too. More square footage than you need means more for roof replacement, utilities, flooring, and more. With new home construction, particularly custom homes, you pay for only what you want and need.

In addition to those savings, you’ll also enjoy the energy-efficiency advantages that new home construction offers and not have to worry about any big repairs right away. These savings can be enormous, as anyone who faces a replacement roof or HVAC system in the first year of buying an existing home can tell you.

The benefits of new home construction go beyond the financial. There is just something amazing about choosing all your own features and finishes to match your style and knowing you are starting fresh as the first owner.

If you would love to experience these advantages of new home construction for yourself in the Lakeland, Florida area, call on us at Integrity Homes & Construction Inc. We have more than 20 years of experience and look forward to creating your vision of what your future home will provide for you and your family.