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Shingle Roof

It is difficult not to see metal roofs showing up in your neighborhood and longingly think that would be incredible for your home. However, it might surprise you that in some cases, a shingle roof really is the ideal choice. You aren’t settling for something less than optimal because a shingle roof does have several advantages over a metal roof.

Obviously, price is a definite advantage. A shingle roof is going to be more economical, even if you go with architectural shingles that offer a nice added visual effect. Another thing that is nice is that there are many different styles and price points, so you can fit your budget and get striking beauty, too.

If you like the ideal of a metal roof because of the long lifespan, it might interest you to know that there are several shingle roof products with exceptional durability, as well. In fact, several come with a limited lifetime warranty, which is in some cases transferable. This adds value to your home, as well as peace of mind that you won’t need another roof anytime soon.

When it comes to the topic of fire resistance, it is true that a metal roof will offer an advantage in the case of a wildfire. However, more homes are destroyed by an internal fire than by wildfire. A fire in a home with a shingle roof goes up and takes out the roof, often staying in that one area. With a metal roof, the fire can be trapped and cross under it to spread through the house, resulting in more fire damaged area than with a shingle roof. For the record, if you consider there are approximately 360,000 house fires a year and about 125 million households, the risk percentage is less than .05%. That said, obviously the chance of fire is extremely low overall and largely preventable, but if you want another reason to go with a shingle roof, the chance of less fire loss can be added to the list.

None of this is to say that a metal roof doesn’t have plenty of advantages, as well, but you can most assuredly get a wonderful result with a shingle roof, as well, and feel rather proud of it besides. Let our professionals at Integrity Homes & Construction Inc., show you the amazing shingle roof products on the market today. We’ll gladly give you a quote for both a shingle roof and metal roof and discuss the advantages of each, so you can make the decision that best fits your needs. Contact us today to learn more about a new roof for your home or your business.