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Bedroom Renovations

Step back in time about 50 to 100 years, and you’d see that the American bedroom was utilized completely differently. Few had closets; most just used armoires. People had a few outfits for working in and one nice one for church. Electronics in the bedroom were completely unheard of. Even when all we had was radio, it was in the living room for all to enjoy. When televisions first arrived on the scene, it was rare for many households to even have one, much less one in nearly every room like we have today. Lifestyles have definitely changed since then, but they are also different than just a few years ago. Hence, even if your home isn’t 100 years old, the bedroom may be ready for bedroom renovations so you can enjoy it completely.

There are a few things you can incorporate into your bedroom renovations that could be a game changer for you. If the idea of lounging in bed and binge watching an entire series sounds like heaven, your bedroom renovations can include the wiring needed to supply your television with power, internet, and cable. A built-in stand or wall mount are other options that will help. If you want to go full-tilt, put in a surround sound.

Storage a problem? Bedroom renovations can include additional closets or expand the size of the one you have. With the many custom closet products, even keeping the same size can be made more efficient. Other built-ins like bookshelves and cabinetry are also a great way to add more storage options. Another thing that wasn’t typical in the past was master bedrooms, so if you don’t have a bathroom connected to yours, that could be a part of your bedroom renovations.

If any or all of these bedroom renovations sound like a game changer to you, give us a call at Integrity Homes & Construction Inc. We can help turn your bedroom into a more functional and enjoyable space. If you need another bedroom, we can help there, too, with high-quality home additions that are sure to please. Call us today, and let’s make your home work better for you!