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Vinyl Siding

Asking if you can cover stucco with vinyl siding is much like asking if you can put another layer of shingles on a shingle roof. It isn’t so much if you can; it is whether you should. There are arguments to be made for and against this practice, but the actual answer lies with having your situation analyzed by a professional, so you understand your options and the validity of each.

  • Option A: Covering stucco with vinyl siding – If the conditions permit this to be done, there are some benefits to be had by leaving the stucco in place rather than removing it. For one thing, the stucco and underlying materials could provide additional insulation. Another argument for not removing the stucco is that it is a messy and labor-intensive job. It will also take time to do, so if you want it done quickly, it may be best to put the vinyl siding on over the stucco.
  • Option B: Removing stucco before putting on vinyl siding – If you don’t know what is going on behind the stucco, you could be in for some future issues, such as condensation, rot, mold, and other problems related to trapped moisture. Typically, if the stucco is in terrible condition overall, it is best to remove it. Consider also that putting in furring strips to attach the vinyl siding can further degrade the stucco, making it unreliable. Taking off the stucco also gives you an ideal opportunity to deal with insulation shortcomings. Another concern is that putting vinyl siding over stucco can make the walls too thick, resulting in window and doorway adjustments that can prove costly.

Here at Integrity Homes & Construction Inc., we always dutifully assess each project on a case-by-case basis to determine the best course of action. We have more than 20 years in the construction and renovation industry, which puts us in the ideal position to properly advise you about stucco and vinyl siding options.