Easy Ways to Inspect Your Roofing from the Ground

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Catching roof problems early is one of the best ways to preserve your roof’s longevity and prevent major problems. However, depending on the issue, you may or may not know if you need to call us to come and help. For this reason, we recommend conducting a basic DIY roofing inspection every so often.

Easy Ways to Inspect Your Roofing from the Ground

Start by walking around the exterior of your home and inspecting your roofing for any signs of damage. These can include any signs of aging, damage, and sagging. Note any specific areas that could use a closer inspection by a professional.

You should also identify any spots with piles of leaves, algae, or moss. Roofing with these elements is notorious for having water damage and costly leaks. If possible, grab a ladder and check out your gutters. Are they clogged or filled with leaves? This can be another sign that your roofing could be at risk for water damage.

Once you have done your exterior inspection, head on up to the attic (if you have one). Look for any signs that water has penetrated under the roof.

After you are done looking at your roofing, take a minute and think about what you discovered. If your roofing looks like it is in good shape, do another roof inspection in a few months. If you spotted a few areas of concern, call us, and we can send out a roofer to perform a formal inspection.