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roof storm damageStorm damage can happen to any home with very little warning, and some of the costliest damage can be nearly invisible in the immediate aftermath of a storm. The type of roof, age of the roof, type of storm, and other factors can all contribute to the size, severity, and distribution of roof storm damage.

The type of storms that most often affect Florida homes are usually hurricanes and thunderstorms. The combination of high winds, water, hail, and flying debris can tear off shingles or create places where water can leak into your home or business. Tree limbs can also cause structural and roof damage as they fall into or are thrown against the structure.

As soon as the storm is over, it’s important to carefully inspect your home for missing, bent, or dented shingles, leaks in the interior of the structure, or for granules from shingles or other particulate matter gathering in gutter spouts. If any of these follow a storm, your roof should be inspected by trained professionals in order to have the roof storm damage taken care of.

No matter the size, extent, or severity of roof storm damage, Integrity Homes & Construction Inc. is here to help you repair or replace your roof. We have two decades of experience in and around Lakeland, FL, and we’re dedicated to helping our clients with all of their roofing needs. Let us help you today!