Some Things You Need to Know about New Home Builds

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Although no home is absolutely perfect, many people are willing to make some compromises in order to get into a property that meets most of their needs and perhaps has some establishment in landscaping or history of the area. When you are thinking about new home builds for your purchase, however, it is not as simple as choosing your plot of land and then going on a vacation until your new home is ready for move-in! If you are considering new home builds for your next home, consider the following.

New home builds are time-intensive

  • New home builds are time-intensive- Even if there are an army of trades working on your home, they can’t do anything without confirming with you first! Unless you have hired a professional designer to make your decisions, you are going to need to choose paint colors, flooring, floor plans, trim, doors, and finishes, just to name a few. Don’t forget to factor in time when you are thinking about the cost of new home builds.
  • Build with purpose- Even if you think you’re building your forever home, there are still chances that you might have to leave it someday. New home builds can be wonderfully customized, but you might also want to keep a few neutral spaces or touches should you need to sell down the line.
  • Have someone walk through the house with you- Shortly before construction ends, you’ll need to do a walk-through with the contractor. Have a friend or realtor who has fresh eyes take this walk with you so they can point out issues that need fixing that you may be used to ignoring.