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Contact us today if you’ve experienced roof storm damage at your home.

Roof Storm Damage in Haines City, FloridaHere in Haines City, Florida, storms are frequent throughout the changing seasons. These storms can cause damage to properties and homes, often pulling off some of the roofing materials. If you’ve experienced roof storm damage at your home, our roofing team at Integrity Homes & Construction Inc. is here to provide the services needed to get your roof back to its original condition. The rain, hail, and/or wind associated with the storms that often come through the area can cause significant damage to your roof, causing the shingles to pull away and allowing moisture to seep through. Tree limbs can also fall during these storms, which can destroy sections of your home’s roof.

When you contact us about roof storm damage, we start by sending a roofing technician to your property to perform a full inspection. This allows us to determine the extent of the damage and come up with a plan to repair it properly. We recommend that all homeowners who have been impacted by storms contact us to schedule a roofing inspection, even if your roof doesn’t show any signs of damage. We also recommend contacting us if you notice bent or dented shingles, granules collecting in your rain gutters, leaky spots in your ceiling, or missing sections of shingles on the roof.

After we have determined how much damage has occurred, we’ll talk to you about the options to repair the roof. We work closely with many insurance companies to figure out what is covered after a storm as well. Contact us today if you’ve experienced roof storm damage at your home.



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